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Equinox: Balance, a reality or a symbol?

As we shift into the dark season of the year we pause for one moment at a perfect point of balance, a day that brings both lightness and darkness into our lives. It’s quite easy to breeze through this day and not even notice this rare moment of equality, because balance isn’t often a tangible reality in our lives. We are often working to “turn up” or “turn down” our efforts and don’t take a moment to sit in the middle.

What is it to live in the middle?

To live in a space that is between extremes, to live in a space that defies the binary? To acknowledge our deep contradictions, to realize we are all of these things, and also none of them?

In order to place ourselves in the middle of our spectrum, we must define what is on both sides of it. The following prompts can help for you to parse out your “dark” and “light”, deciding what each realm means for you.



What is behind you? What has gotten you Here? Are you supported and influenced by your past, or are you using your history to make the same choices over and over again?


When was the last time you had a conversation with yourself? What did this look like? Is there any way you can delve in deeper and retrieve a message or piece of advice from your deeper self?


Where can you slow down? What area of your life needs time for a break reflection, or re-evaluation this fall and winter season?



Where are you being pulled to? Is your future aligned with your ideals and goals?


How are you connecting to community? Who are you in your community? What piece of message or advice does your community have for you at this time?


What will serve as your catalyst in the upcoming months? What have you created momentum with, and how can that momentum help support and sustain you in quieter darker times coming forward?

While we can always benefit from comparing and contrasting our dynamics, checking in during a seasonal change always provides a little extra support. Remember these answers as you move forward into the new season and new year, and come back to them when you experience confusion or overwhelm.

Remember, all of the answers are within you! You know what is best for your self and life, and by creating and continuing contemplative dialogues, these parts will continue to reveal themselves to you.

Are you seeking a deeper path towards revealing the strong parts of yourself in a unique and creative way? Commission a fine art portrait that visualizes both your inner and outer self. These empowering works of art combine creativity and healing into a beautiful visual representation of your deepest self.

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