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Happy Earth Day!

The first Earth Day, on April 22, 1970, was a watershed event for the environment. It was a coming together of ordinary citizens, scientists and politicians to begin the long journey towards environmental stewardship. The first Earth Day sought to raise awareness of the dangers our planet faces and to encourage citizens to take action.

Our contemporary relationship with the Earth may be a complicated one. While we may feel helpless against the many forces at large that deplete its resources, there is often also a strong desire to engage and live in the world in more natural ways. This tension expands our personal growth while holding us accountable to the challenges that humans have created for this vast yet finite ecosystem.

Take some time this week to connect to nature and ask yourself, "how does my relationship with the planet help me to connect to myself?"

Here are some reflection questions to help assess your connection to this planet at this moment:

1. How does the Earth, as your mother, love you? How does this love manifest in your physical reality?

2. What are you meant to contribute to the Earth? What gift do you have to offer the world?

3. What lessons are you here on this Earth to learn?

4. What challenge or lesson gets in the way of your complete connection to planet Earth? Sending my well wishes to you, hoping you have deep and beautiful connections with the planet that forge your path onwards!

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