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Checking In: Are Your Goals Still Going Strong?

We are nearing the halfway point of the year and nearing the summer solstice. It's a great time to reflect on whether or not we have shown integrity in committing to our personal goals so that we can finish strong for the remainder of the year.

Our goals give us something to strive for and work toward. But how do you stay committed to your goals when life gets in the way? How do you stay motivated when you feel like giving up?

Tarot helps you set goals that you can achieve, rather than have you give up in frustration after a few weeks having failed. As a result, you might find that a mystical approach offers a less linear and more holistic approach, addressing all aspects of the self. Using your tarot cards on your path towards commitment helps you to focus on what you're trying to achieve and regularly review your progress to see if you're still making progress towards your goal.

Here are some journaling prompts that can offer accountability and support as you re-commit to your priorities and dreams:

1. What goal do I want to commit to? 2. What does the ideal outcome look like? 3. Why does this commitment matter to me? 4. What do I need to let go of in order to make space for this new gift? 5. What does this commitment reveal about my life path?

Wishing you the best,

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