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Looking For a Reliable Blogger For Hire?

You're in the right place!

I make content creation easy for business owners that specialize in:

self-improvement, personal finance, wellness, and small business building. 

Nice To Meet You!

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Hi! I'm Rachel, a content writing expert based out of Austin, Texas.


I'm a proud affiliate blog owner, eCommerce store creator, and freelance writer.

As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I understand how valuable your time is. You don't want your writer to create a new job for you with inconsistencies and miscommunications.


You want more free time and quicker growth!

That's why I offer consistent, well-researched, and punctually delivered article content week after week.


I quickly conquer article guidelines to make collaborating as smooth as possible. 

I specialize in SEO-rich blog writing, but I also have experience with keyword research, social media management, email marketing, and content strategy development.


I'm a whiz with words and I love nothing more than helping businesses grow with the power of great content.

My Writing Journey

Communicating with grace and clarity has always been a passion of mine.


From writing essays in graduate school, to language-learning in foreign countries, to running my own businesses - I've always enjoyed finding the perfect way to share a message.


I began formally blogging in 2012, tossing different ideas at the wall to see what would stick. This led to City Homesteads, a platform that focuses on helping people learn about simple living, self-sufficiency, and sustainability.

I've invested in several reputable courses along the way including Authority Hacker, Income School, and Location Rebel Academy to learn the ins and outs of digital marketing and content writing.


What started as a hobby quickly turned into a part-time business, and in 2020, I took the plunge and became a full-time freelance writer.

Now I have a wonderful writer's ecosystem that compliments my lifestyle. I happily collaborate with other business owners that seek a similar entrepreneurial balance. 


Am I a Good Fit For You?

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I primarily write engaging and well-optimized blog posts in the following categories: 

  • Lifestyle Optimization

  • Self-development

  • Personal Finance

  • Home, lifestyle, & travel

  • Spirituality & astrology

  • Wellness and natural health

  • Life hacking 

  • Small business development


I'll help you to create:


  • Informational articles

  • Listicles

  • How-to guides

  • In-depth product and software reviews

  • Commercial content

  • Affiliate content

  • Content silos

  • Backlink building posts

  • Informational lead magnets/ebooks

  • Guest posts

Need your articles to be perfectly optimized to beat the competition? No problem! I've worked with most major optimizers and SEO programs, including Ahrefs, SurferSEO, NeruonWriter, Market Muse, Grammarly, Hemmingway, and SEMRush. 


Why try to rank for just one keyword when you can target several and get your article in the top 5 results for several terms? I'll use my marketing know-how to get your article ranking in no time.


Joan, Green The Church

Rachel has been with Green The Church for a year.  During her tenure, Rachel has been given several assignments of interviewing and writing articles. Rachel has a way of capturing the very essence of the individual and subject of the interview.  All of Rachel’s work is very detailed but not cumbersome, explicit, and engrossing, of which you have attained enlightened knowledge and understanding. Rachel is by far one of our best writers.


Elicia, Bloom Affirmations

I had the pleasure of working with Rachel for a number of months and I would highly recommend her. She immediately understood the nature of the articles I required writing, and managed to capture the essence of the niche perfectly. Not only was her writing of an excellent standard, each article was submitted on time and included all the SEO features I required. Rachel was able to handle a high workload with confidence and the quality of her writing never wavered. I would urge anyone looking for a talented writer to consider Rachel's services as I was so impressed with her work.


Kate, Unfine Arts

Rachel is a systems thinker who has the rare ability to see from a 60,000-foot birds eye view, and in the same breath, hone in on the smallest of details. She's not just a strategist - she gets the job done, and finds a way to articulate and clarify the toughest subjects. Whether it was web copy, internal communication, SEO planning, or a well-organized spreadsheet, Rachel excelled.

Examples of My Work

Spirituality and Astrology:


Health and Wellness

Self-Improvement and Motivational

Entrepreneurial, Small Business, Personal Finance:


Home, Lifestyle, & Travel


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