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A VISUAL Meditation as Non Human Story Telling


This video is a non-verbal narrative of the Everglades' dream that explores its extra-sensory perceptions of time, color, and sound. It is preferable to watch without multitasking, in a relaxed state, while taking deep steady breaths. Please read the information below to enter the video in a more contemplative mind-state.


Induce your empathy for the Everglades.


The story of a dream is narrated by symbols, not words. The above visual story comes from the perspective of the collective dream of the Everglades. Not from a single entity, as the Everglades does not “see” itself this way. It is not a leaf, it is not a drop of water, it is not a bird. It identifies through its systems and relationships.


How can us humans read a story without words? In order to enter this dream, we must slow down and turn our attention to our non-rational forms of perception. We can connect with the Everglades in non-human ways because we are a part of this ecosystem in non-human ways, whether or not these ways are visible.


Dreams make the unknown realms of experience and energy visible. The Everglades’ dream connects us to the ecosystem in a realm where there is no distinction between real and unreal, you and me, or any other separating binary.


The Everglades’ dream contains exaggerated colors and textures, allowing us to speculate on what another perception of color may be. Can we imagine tinges of infrared? Or ultraviolet? Can we imagine how it may be to see in ways beyond human sight?


The Everglades’ dream’s timespace is dramatically slowed, allowing for a speculation on the nature of ecological and evolutionary time. What speed does the world move for a microbe? A plant? A mineral? As the sounds is slowed down from “human” speed, we begin to lose the ability to differentiate which sound belongs to whom.  


The Everglades’ dream is indistinguishable. While a human perspective may see each image as an individual frame moving sequentially through time, the Everglades exists all at once. Overlapped imagery in this visual story allows us to speculate beyond the duality of our limited two eyes.


Participate in the above visual narrative as a meditation on the aforementioned ideas and perspectives of the Everglades.


Breath deep Use your senses. Reach beyond your senses. Create a relationship beyond human within the Everglades’ dream.

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