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Custom Colored

Pencil Portraits

I create thoughtfully customized colored pencil portraits that capture & illuminate expressions of
self-love, awareness, and discovery.

About My Illustration Practice

An art commission can signify an important milestone in life: a celebration, a commitment to a loved one, a family archive, a memorial, a gesture of self-love, and a legacy.
We must ask ourselves, how do we want to experience and remember these sacred moments of our lives? Are the cell phone and social media images enough, or is there a more powerful way we can bring our memories, loved ones, and passions into our life?
Become a curator both in life and art! Work with me and let's co-create a more creative way of connecting to and preserving what matters the most.

First, submit a request for a commission here.


I will respond to you within 24 hours requesting 1-3 photos and providing a short questionnaire that will help me to design customize your artwork.


Once I have received your materials I will send a final quote for your art commission.


Upon payment of the deposit (50% of the total cost) I will begin working on your artwork.


Timeframes vary from 2 weeks to 2 months depending on the size and complexity of the work.


My pricing is reasonable and competitive in comparison to the traditional art world. 

By asking for a fair wage that is free of the subjective pricing techniques and scams of the art world, I can provide a portrait that fits in a wide range of budgets.

Click here to see my pricing sheet. 

These prices only provide an example of fees and may be adjusted with additional requests.


My heart is in this work. I create art because I care, and I promise to provide you with the best customer service and technique possible


An art commission is an exercise in trust. Due to my stylized aesthetic, the final product is a mystery before it's arrival. I am committed to this creative leap and promise that I will have a beautiful product for you.


High-quality materials ensure many lifetimes of enjoyment:

These artworks are 100% Prismacolor colored pencil on archival illustration board. 

Each artwork will receive a protective coating to further protect its vibrancy and strength.

 Rachel is very clear, concise, warm, and accommodating. I got so much more than I could have asked for from my portrait. It is always with me, whether on my altar to remind me of my potential and capabilities, or a guidance card tucked into my journal for a reminder of my groundedness.

J. P.

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