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Artist Statement Pic

My art provides templates and forms for working within spaces of mystery, which are highly productive sites for the development of our consciousness and reality. Mystery and magical thinking and making allows me to create and evoke exciting and generative narratives in seemingly optionless environments.

What is to be gained through the pursuit of magical thinking, or engaging in spaces of mystery? One pauses the external narratives of the world and goes inward to mine from the space of infinite creativity. Because of this, working with mystery aids the practice of seeking and connecting with the reality of abundance.


While I primarily interface with the art world as an illustrator who creates two-dimensional objects that are lushly laden with visual textures, color relationships, and symbolic references, I can’t help but consider these works as the residue of my larger creative process. These objects are fueled by the heart of my practice, sharing moments of mystery with others.

In order to contend with the larger oppressive psychic forces of the information age, we must connect our own psychic systems together for reinforcement and resilience. To love the stories of others and archive their residues is a means of amplification.   

When we connect our multidimensional psychic realities by acknowledging and sharing them, we can all benefit from a new dimensionality in our outward ecologies, being able to perceive and implement new solutions to our world that we never knew were possible but always had within us.

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