Four Dimensions Of Love Through The Tarot

As winter reaches its final weeks and the early wakings of spring near, we can release that which no longer serves us to make space for new intentions. Our most authentic intentions come from spaces of love and gratitude. The tarot provides many guides for us to find several dimensions of love to strengthen our path towards growth, healing, connection and abundance.

Here are four cards that you can reflect on this Valentine’s day and beyond to embolden love in your life. Consider setting one or more of these cards on an altar, tucked into a bathroom mirror, in a pillow or anywhere else where you can charge it with your efforts:

The Star: Soul Level Love

Love resides in our energetic core in order to remind us that we are bigger than we can ever know. It creates space for us to connect our consciousness to the larger universe that we reside in. In this card, a being bares its naked body, expressing a truth symbolized through unhidden physicality. She pours water from two basins both into the earth and a pond. This represents the bridge that water (mystery, a subconscious path) can create to connect us to the larger truths of our potential. Create an emotionally motivated path for yourself towards an emboldened future self.

Three Of Cups: Communal Love

The three of cups commonly signifies celebration and achievement with family and friends. We are ultimately fulfilled not only by our own successes, but also by the others who have supported us through thick and thin, and those who have passed on the ancestral baton to us. Friends, family, Earth, and all that inhabit this orb are mirrors, fractals, of our self-love reflecting back to us. We in turn cast love and support on our community and world by deeply listening, expressing gratitude, and offering support.

Ace Of Cups: Falling In Love