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Dreamwork as wellness: What wisdom does your subconscious hold?

I use dreamwork, defined as the exploration of the unknown, as a therapeutic and creative tool for unifying the inner and outer worlds that constitute our existence. My work is an interdisciplinary exploration that utilizes art (illustration, photography, and video), ethnography (grassroots interviewing), and education (instructional workshops).

Our deepest dreams and desires serve as a powerful compass that can guide us towards a life of purpose and meaning. We can discover new and powerful ways to connect to our communities and environment when we take the time to ask ourselves to connect with significance and joy.

The marriage of artwork and dreamwork creates new paths that give us permission to manifest our dreams as well as redefine them. We can apply these many methods to a daydream, night dream, miracle, meditation, goal, ambition, or spiritual state.

The practice of artful dreamwork requires the ability to slow down and spend time “in-between the lines”. In this mindful space between our reactionary moments is an access point into the subconscious that can be achieved by anyone patient enough to deeply listen.

Is there an unseen or unknown part of yourself that possesses an amazing resource in your life, just waiting for you acknowledge it?

Take a moment to use the following guided prompts to identify a dream resource in your own life.

1.What have I had coincidences around lately?

2. Has something from my past resurfaced?

3. Have I been dreaming at night? What messages are coming through? If not, how has my quality of sleep been?

4. What excites me? What takes my attention away from everything else, or even borders on obsession?

5. What have I been afraid of lately? Can this fear be a benevolent messenger?

By spending some time with the above questions, we can begin to understand that this information originates from a deep voice within ourselves. Some call this voice the unconscious, some call it the true self, and others the intuition.

When we question this part of the self we increase our curiosity, and this spark of interest brings our many parts towards holism day by day.

Are you ready to discover your personal system of wellness? Commission a fine art portrait that visualizes both your inner and outer self. These empowering works of art combine creativity and healing into a beautiful visual representation of your deepest self. Click here to learn more!

dream, art, surrealism, magical art, rachel elizabeth dennis
The Dreamscape Project, Baptism, 2018

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